In this journey of life, there are many obstacles like illiteracy, ignorance, superstition and vain ego.  But these can be removed because humans are certainly blessed to be bestowed upon by the most divine and humane of all gifts, that’s education.  It is indeed a pro human approach that the minds which are ignited by the sparks of knowledge, kindle the fire of intellect and wisdom all around.  The seeds of talent and potential which remain dormant within the boundaries of limitations are bloomed when the winds of wisdom blow.


     With a deep sense of gratitude, I feel no hesitation in asserting the opinion of the nation that KVS is the most elite and noble perspective of emanating the rays of academic coupled with the shine of sports, co-curricular activities, moral values, ideas and principles.


     Keeping in view the need of the hour to nurture young minds and aiming for their wholesome development, I intend to put forward my vision of attaining perfection and excellence through optimum efforts and focused diligence.  I seek the values of integrity and accountability from every quarter.  My dream is a goal oriented and meticulous team work which counts upon the three pronged strategy to aspire, accentuate and achieve success.


     Let’s break the barriers of lethargy and procrastination and enlighten the optimism within us.  Let’s challenge our own very self to reach the zenith which is expected from us.  Indeed, the glories of success will be carved and stories of achievements will be written.  I impose my faith in you and entrust you with the fulfillment of my vision.