Names and Designation of the Teacher Administrators in Thinkquest
Names and Designation of the Teacher Administrators Classwise of Thinkquest .com

1 Jitendra Sharma PGT CS
Barun Kumar Jha
Head Master
Mr G Eshwarappa
Mr Kausalya Bai
TGT (Maths)
Mr N S Gadde
TGT (Skt)
Mrs.Presanna Nair


List of teachers registered and active users in Thinkquest
Sl.No Name Designation Regis/Not Register No of Pages in
1 Mrs. M Kamala Devi Vice Principal Registered  5
2 Mr Jitendra Sharma PGT(CS) Registered 21
3 Mr. Barun Kumar Jha Head Master Registered 25
4 Mrs.Ranjana Pandey PGT Registered 8
5 Mrs.Kausalya Bai TGT(MAT) Registered 6
6 Mrs.Shyamala Bhanu PRT Registered 12
7 Mrs.Presanna Nair TGT(HIN) Registered 19
8 Mr Ajay Kumar Yadav TGT(HIN) Registered  3
9 Mrs. Sree Devi TGT Sans Registered 3
10 Mrs B Sujatha TGT (Eng) Registered 14
12 Mr Eshwarappa TGT(Sc) Registered 9
13 Mr Gadde TGT (Skt) Registered 7
14 Mrs. Rashmi PGT Phy Rregistered 2
15 Mrs Madhu Saxena TGT (Eng) Registered 2
16 Mrs. Darly John PGT Math Registered 3
17 Mrs Sumitha Mukherjee TGT (Eng) Registered 11
18 Mrs Lakshmi PRT Registered  
19 Mrs Rajani PRT Registered 2
20 Mrs Ratanamala
TGT(Maths) Registered  
21 Mrs. Inoo Hajarika PRT Registered  3
22 Mrs Sandhya PGT(Bio) Registered 8
23 Mrs Nirmala PRT Registered  
24 Mrs Usha Sridharan
PGT(Eco) Registered 3
25 Mr B. Srinivas PGT(Maths) Registered 2
26 Mr P.L.Tripathy PRT Registered 2
27 Mrs Sreedevi TGT(Skt) Registered 2
28 Mr Venkat PGT(Hindi) Registered 2
29 Mrs. Sundari SUPW Registered 2
30 Mr Vijoy Kumar TGT(S.St) Registered 2
31 Mr Yadav RK PGT(Chem) Registered 2
32 Mrs. Sandhya V PRT Registered 3
33 Mr Vasantha Kumar PGT Registered  
 34 Mrs Vibha Dogra PGT(Chem)  Registered   
No. of students(class III and above)Registered and active users in Thinkquest


Total no. of students
No.of students registered in
No. of students who have uploded 03 pages or more on the website
1 IV TO XII 1649 1290 550
’s School Leadership Program 
 Shivani of Class IV A declared Winner in the School Leadership Programme(Group III) conducted by Oracle’s  
 Certificate and Memento will be sent by Oracle.
 Atul .S of Class IX and Prashasthi of Class VC placed in the ‘Good Effort’ Category.
They will receive Certificates from Oracle. 
‘The Wonderful World of Logo Designs’-website created by Siddant .P of class IX and Chakrapani of Class VI with                                                  
the coach Mrs Chemmalar in collaboration with a team from Italy and a team from Assam entered the Think Quest library.
Student Space Scientist Programme
‘WWW-World Water Woes’ project cleared the final level of the Student Space Scientist Programme and was placed third in the 
country. It was the only team in Bangalore Region to qualify for the final round and eventually win a prize too. The team
constituted of Rakshit, Prakalp, Radhika and Manjushree of class X and the coach Mrs Chemmalar